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Windows Server 2003 on HP ProLiant Servers : Introduction to ProLiant Servers (part 6) - System Management

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9/23/2012 5:37:17 PM
ProLiant Essentials systems management software is a suite of agents, applications, and utilities providing Web-enabled management and access to all single-server management information with a consistent look and feel.

Management Agents

HP Web-enabled Management Agents (part of the PSP) deliver comprehensive system information through the System Management Homepage (see Figure 7) by providing a consolidated view of system fault, configuration, and performance information for a single ProLiant server. Integrated agents—such as the HP Insight Management Agents, Version Control Agents, and new Insight Diagnostics—monitor system health; allow version management and update of BIOS, drivers, and agents; track hardware configuration changes; and enable execution of online diagnostics through a consistent UI.

Figure 7. System Management Homepage.

The System Management Homepage can be accessed directly through a secure Web browser or indirectly through SIM, Insight Manager 7, OpenView Operations, OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM), or third-party enterprise management tools, such as CA Unicenter TNG, Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), or Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM).

The System Management Homepage installs automatically during a SmartStart-assisted installation process and is downloadable from the HP Web site as part of the PSPs. As its name indicates, the System Management Homepage provides Web browser access to a ProLiant server to deliver these management features:

  • Single Access Point: Provides a single point of access to all functionality enabled by the HP Insight Management Agents, Version Control Agents, and HP Insight Diagnostics.

  • Fault management: Prominently displays system fault information with easy-to-understand status icons and sends alerts to the Systems Insight Manager, Insight Manager 7 management server, or third-party management consoles.

  • Performance monitoring: Allows users to set thresholds for disk, CPU, and memory utilization, and receive alerts when thresholds are crossed.

  • Version control: Identifies out-of-date BIOS, drivers, and agents and allows remote update of single- or multiple-system software components. Supports customer-defined software baselines, enabling Administrators to track compliance with corporate software standards.

  • Diagnostics: Allows users to perform diagnostic tests against critical server subsystems without taking the server offline. Stress tests simulate high-load production environments. Diagnostics tests can be exercised across groups of systems via the command-line option.

  • Configuration audit trail: Known as the Survey utility, it maintains detailed server inventory and tracks configuration changes over time. Users can schedule configuration snapshots to occur daily, weekly, or monthly. System Management Homepage tracks up to 10 configuration snapshots.

  • Array configuration: Launches ACU. Now Web-based, it facilitates setup of RAID 0, RAID 1+0, RAID 5, and Advanced Data Guard configurations through easy-to-use wizards. Use the Express configuration for rapid setup and the Standard configuration for customized configurations.

  • Security: Enhanced Web-based security incorporates SSL and certificate-based trust with Insight Manager 7.

HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM)

HP SIM (see Figure 8) combines the strengths of HP Insight Manager 7, HP Toptools, and HP Servicecontrol Manager to deliver a single tool for managing ProLiant, Integrity, and HP 9000 systems running Windows, Linux, and HP-UX. The core SIM software delivers the essential capabilities required to manage all HP server platforms. SIM can also be extended to deliver unparalleled breadth of device management with plug-ins for HP storage, power, client, and printer products. Plug-ins for rapid deployment, performance management, and workload management allow systems Administrators to pick the value-added software required to deliver complete lifecycle management of their hardware assets.

Figure 8. Systems Insight Manager.

Some of the core capabilities and benefits of SIM are as follows:

  • SIM is free and included with all ProLiant and Integrity servers, or customers can download SIM from the HP Web site.

  • More stability and efficiency through management across hardware platforms and OSs. SIM provides common configuration, performance, and management across all HP servers. It also enables management of clients, printers, storage, and other devices.

  • Automated fault detection and reporting enable Administrators to detect and respond to potential and actual failures before they result in unplanned server downtime. Staff can be notified via console, pager, or e-mail.

  • Automated asset inventory and reports reduce time and effort associated with discovering, identifying, and collecting configuration data for managed systems. Simplified report generation improves preparation tasks.

  • Automated software updates reduce time and effort associated with maintaining up-to-date system software baselines. Version control and software repository automates the software-download process of available updates and allows the distribution of components to groups of systems.

  • All versions of SIM provide command-line access to support scripting capabilities.

  • All users have individual accounts and log on to SIM using their OS username and password. All HTTP communications are protected using 128-bit SSL, and all commands to applications integrated using standard tool definition files are encrypted using SSH.

  • SIM can be extended with plug-ins to deliver enhanced device management with plug-ins for rapid deployment; performance management; partition management; and workload management for HP clients, storage, power, and printer products.

  • ProLiant Essentials PMP now integrates seamlessly with HP SIM to provide hardware bottleneck analysis for ProLiant servers and now MSA-series storage. Five complementary licenses are included in the HP SIM installation package

  • Snapshot comparisons allow staff to compare configuration snapshots of up to four different servers or configuration snapshots of a single server over time. This assists IT staff in pinpointing configuration issues that might contribute to system instability.

  • Insight Manager 7 migration utility is included to transfer Windows servers' Insight Manager 7 settings to HP SIM with either an in-place upgrade on the same server or transfer of Insight Manager 7 data to SIM on another server.

  • SIM uses the same Management Agents and instrumentation that Insight Manager 7 uses, so no agent updates are required on managed systems when upgrading or installing a SIM server.

  • SIM enables consolidation of general IT resource management by managing all HP servers while still allowing OS and server platform specialists to focus on specific needs.

  • Improves efficiency by monitoring progress of management tasks across groups of diverse systems from a central point of control.

  • Reduces training expense typically associated with learning multiple management tools.

For more information on this next-generation management platform (available for download), see the HP Web site: http://www.hp.com/servers/manage.

Insight Manager 7

Insight Manager 7 is transitioning to SIM and is no longer available on the Management CD. Support for Insight Manager 7 is scheduled to be discontinued in Q2 2005.

Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM)

Version 2.0 of VCRM is a software repository management tool used with the Version Control Agents and SIM. VCRM has the capability to pull software updates for ProLiant servers to the Management console, or wherever the VCRM is installed, as they are published to the HP Web site. VCRM also provides these simple-to-use features:

  • In addition to the autodownload capability in the VCRM, PSPs can be pulled into the repository directly from SmartStart CDs, or other locally mapped drives, while browsing in from your desktop.

  • Simple-to-use wizards make it easy to complete any task within the VCRM, such as creating customer-defined software baselines or configuring ProLiant software components.

  • The new VCRM contains several other enhancements that will make maintaining ProLiant system software updates easier.

For more information about SIM and VCRM, or to download the application, visit the Web site at http://www.hp.com/servers/manage.

Insight Integration Modules

HP Insight Integration modules are designed to extend the functionality of HP Insight Management Agents to third-party management applications. The modules are free and downloadable from the HP Web site at http://www.hp.com/servers/manage.

Insight Integration for Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC)

The Insight Integration for the TEC simplifies systems management by integrating SNMP events and status indications for HP ProLiant servers, AlphaServer, Integrity Superdome servers, and HP storage configurations into the TEC.

The HP Insight Integration for TEC includes SNMP adapter definitions for more than 700 individual notifications, in addition to BAROC event class definitions and rules to correlate more than 350 SNMP events. These definitions, classes, and rules integrate closely with the TEC application, allowing HP SNMP events to be identified, processed, translated, and clearly displayed in the TEC console.

Insight Manager for TEC features the following:

  • Designed for use with TEC 3.6.x, 3.7.x, and 3.8

  • Installs into all tier-1 Tivoli platforms (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Windows) running Tivoli Framework v3.6.x through v4.1

  • Custom tasks to configure the Tivoli SNMP Adapter and Tivoli Event Server to receive and translate HP SNMP notifications as TEC events

  • More than 700 SNMP traps defined for HP ProLiant, AlphaServer, Integrity Superdome servers, and HP storage platforms

  • Translates and displays SNMP events from all Tivoli-managed nodes and endpoints that have Insight Management Agents installed, including Windows NT, Windows 2000, NetWare, Linux, Tru64, and Open VMS

  • Predefined event class definitions and rules that correlate more than 350 HP SNMP events

  • Embedded tasks to launch Insight Manager 7, Insight Management Agents, and the HP Storage Management Appliance from the Tivoli Desktop and Tivoli Event Console

  • Comprehensive documentation

Insight Integration for CA Unicenter

The Insight Integration for CA Unicenter integrates ProLiant hardware monitoring and event notification into the Unicenter enterprise.

The Insight Integration works closely with native Unicenter services and components, including Explorer, WorldView, Event Console, and Agent technology. This close working relationship helps IT Administrators manage heterogeneous and complex environments through a condensed set of applications.

Predefined class definitions clearly identify and classify ProLiant server, client, and storage solutions in the Explorer and WorldView interfaces. An extensive collection of Distributed State Machine (DSM) policies and message records display hardware system status through Unicenter Node View and translated SNMP events in the Unicenter Event Console.

For advanced lifecycle management and remote administration of the ProLiant hardware infrastructure, the Insight Integration includes embedded browser links from Unicenter to the Web-enabled Insight Management Agents, Insight Manager 7, RILOE II , and SANworks Open SAN Manager.

Insight Manager for CA Unicenter features include the following:

  • Developed to integrate with CA Unicenter 3.0, TNG 2.2, and 2.4 for Windows 2000/NT.

  • Predefined message records translate and display SNMP events generated by Insight Management Agents up to v5.40.

  • Installation scripts allow easy integration with single-system and distributed Unicenter environments.

  • ProLiant hardware systems defined by a specific class in the Unicenter repository.

  • Second-level discovery identifies ProLiant nodes in Explorer and the WorldView maps by device class and OS.

  • Includes unique icons for ProLiant servers, TaskSmart devices, Insight Manager 7 servers, and the RILOE.

  • Comprehensive integration with Unicenter Agent technology allows ProLiant hardware to be monitored directly through Unicenter services and components.

  • Hardware status represented through color-coded icons at all levels, from the Explorer/WorldView interface through Node view.

  • More than 400 Insight Management SNMP events for servers, clients, and storage configurations are translated and displayed at the Enterprise Console.

  • In-context application launches to Insight Manager and Insight Manager 7 provide advanced hardware lifecycle management capabilities.

  • Integrated browser launch to the Web-enabled Insight Management Agents.

  • Additional storage management through the SANworks Management Appliance and the Open SAN Manager application.

  • Advanced Lights-Out management of ProLiant servers available via the RILOE.

  • Comprehensive installation and User Reference documentation.

Insight Integration for HP OpenView

Insight Manager for HP OpenView integrates the benefits of Insight Management into HP OpenView NNM (Network Node Manager). Insight Manager for HP OpenView NNM is a comprehensive solution that simplifies IT management by enabling direct access to Insight Management from within the OpenView environment.

Through the versatility of the HP Management Agents, this solution integrates ProLiant hardware management and event notification into the OpenView NNM management console, providing the most manageable platform for NNM across a wide range of OSs.

Insight Manager for HP OpenView features include the following:

  • Automatically identifies and displays ProLiant server and client systems on the HP OpenView NNM segment map

  • Color-coded status of ProLiant server and client systems displayed via unique icons

  • SNMP event instrumentation for HP Management Agents up to v5.30

  • Includes SNMP events from HP StorageWorks and SANworks agents

  • ProLiant events translated and displayed in the NNM Event Console

  • Integrated browser launch to the Web-enabled HP Management Agents

  • Storage management and administration through the HP SANworks Open SAN Manager application

  • HP workgroup management available through Insight Manager (Windows 2000 and NT NNM platforms only)

  • Access to additional Web-based management applications such as HP Intelligent Cluster Administrator, HP Survey, and RILOE

  • HP Management Agents display detailed hardware configuration and status data

  • Registers ProLiant systems information into the NNM database

  • Identifies Windows NT Clusters—Microsoft Cluster server

  • Includes support for OpenView NNM up to v6.2 on HP-UX, Windows 2000/ NT, and Solaris platforms

  • Installation, configuration, and deinstallation scripts

  • Comprehensive user documentation

Insight Integration for Tivoli NetView (AIX)

For companies that choose ProLiant hardware and Tivoli NetView as their preferred Enterprise platform, HP Insight Manager for Tivoli NetView is a comprehensive solution that simplifies IT management by enabling direct access to HP Intelligent Manageability from within the NetView environment.

Through the versatility of the HP Management Agents, it provides the most manageable platform for Tivoli NetView across a wide range of popular operating environments, including AIX, Windows 2000/NT, Novell NetWare, HP Tru64 UNIX, and HP OpenVMS.

Insight Manager for Tivoli NetView (AIX) includes the following features:

  • Integrates into Tivoli NetView for AIX

  • Registers systems in the NetView database

  • Automatic discovery of servers and clients on the segment map

  • Unique color-coded icons display hardware status at all map levels

  • SNMP event instrumentation for Management Agents up to v4.90, and includes StorageWorks and SANworks agents

  • Integrated browser launch to the Web-enabled Management Agents

  • Application launch to SANworks Open SAN Manager

  • OS support for AIX v4.1, 4.2, and 4.3

  • Supports NetView v4.1, 5.1, and 6.0

  • Access to additional Web-based management applications, such as Intelligent Cluster Administrator, Survey, and RILOE

  • Identifies Windows NT Clusters—Microsoft Cluster Server

  • Operates on NetView remote consoles

  • Installation, configuration, and deinstallation programs

  • Easy-to-read alerts and recommended actions

  • Support for the Remote Insight Board

Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)

The HP Insight Management Pack (IMP) for MOM integrates event monitoring and alert processing for HP ProLiant and Integrity servers into MOM.

The HP IMP includes an extensive collection of predefined rules and scripts that automatically identify HP servers and provide alert notifications to potential problems through the MOM console interface. Comprehensive knowledgebase data provided with the IMP aids in problem analysis and time-to-resolution. More than 650 event-processing rules include alert forwarding definitions that enable Administrators to take prompt corrective or preventive action, thus reducing unnecessary downtime. HP hardware alerts in MOM also include an embedded browser launch to the HP System Management Homepage, providing a consolidated and detailed view of single-system status and configuration based on data collected by the Insight Management Agents.

IMP features include

  • Integration with Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 v1.0.

  • Fully scripted installation to create HP specific groups and copy HP Insight rules, scripts, views, and knowledgebase data to the MOM database.

  • Automatic identification and grouping of HP servers running Insight Management Agents.

  • Monitors Windows Event Log entries generated by Insight Management Agents.

  • HP Insight alerts are clearly displayed in the MOM Administrator Console or the Web-based Ops Portal interface.

  • More than 650 predefined event-processing rules for HP servers running Insight Management Agents v4.60 to v6.40. Provide MOM alerts for HP events in the follows categories:

    • Server health and hardware subsystem status

    • Environmental conditions and security access violations

    • Prefailure alerts for memory, CPU, and hard drive subsystems

    • HP Insight management service events

  • Predefined alert processing rules forward storage and network interface alerts to the Hardware Support Notification Group within MOM.

  • Performance rules to monitor Insight Management Agent availability and resource usage.

  • Predefined MOM public views that display discovered HP servers and open alerts listed by Insight Management Agent version.

  • Comprehensive knowledgebase data for accurate event analysis.

  • HP hardware alerts include an embedded browser link to the HP System Management Homepage of the device that generated the original event.

ProLiant Essentials Performance Management Pack (PMP)

The ProLiant Essentials PMP v3.0 is an integrated management software solution that detects and analyzes hardware bottlenecks on ProLiant servers. PMP provides the tools you need to receive proactive notification of building bottleneck conditions, and to debug existing performance issues. With the PMP software, you monitor performance on one or more servers. The performance information is analyzed to determine whether there is a building or existing performance bottleneck issue. You can interactively display this information, log the information to a database for later analysis or reporting, and set up proactive notification using the HP Insight Manager Notification mechanisms.

PMP v3.0 is included and installed with SIM. No software is required on monitored servers other than the Management Agents required for SIM, and only a browser is required on the client machine to view performance information.

In 2004, every installation of PMP v3.0 will automatically receive five free licenses, so you can start using PMP immediately. Single-server or flexible (multiple) licensing is available; see the HP Web site for details.

ProLiant Essentials Workload Management Pack (WMP)

The ProLiant Essentials WMP is a software solution that utilizes OS-native Microsoft Job Objects to create resource partitions that contain processes within a CPU and memory context. This enables application consolidation and performance optimization on Windows server platforms, bringing maximum utilization, lower total cost of ownership, and improved availability to IT environments.

With the WMP software Resource Partitioning Manager, you configure resource partitions, application boundaries defined by their allocated quantity of processor, and memory resources. Each partition defines access to specific, limited processor and memory resources. Limited access means that resources are available for your applications when they need them. Limited access also means no more worries about decreased availability created by memory-leaking applications.

Figure 9 shows the RPM “Overview Screen,” which is a good example of one of RPM's easy-to-use interface screens.

Figure 9. Resource Partition Manager overview screen.

ProLiant Essentials WMP does the following:

  • Maximizes return on server investments by increasing utilization of available system resources: For each server in an environment, there is an opportunity cost associated with unutilized capacity. WMP makes it possible to use idle capacity without compromising application availability and performance.

  • Minimizes server management costs: With WMP, Windows 2000 Administrators no longer have to manage an additional server for each additional application; multiple applications can run effectively on a single server, reducing monthly management costs and application licensing costs.

  • Improves availability by controlling misbehaved applications: Partitioning misbehaved applications and limiting those applications to the resources within their respective partitions protects other applications from their unpredictable nature.

  • Delivers processor and memory resources on demand whenever they are needed, improving application performance during heavy workloads: The WMP provides control over not only how resources are allocated, but also when resources are allocated. Each resource partition has rules associated with it that can be used to automate changes to the partition based on utilization or time of day.


All ProLiant Essentials software includes an End User License Agreement (EULA). This section provides a basic overview of licensing.

ProLiant Essentials Value Packs

ProLiant Essentials Value Packs are optional software offerings that are sold separately. HP has several different packages for you to choose from for Value Pack products, including single kits, two different volume choices, and bundles with select hardware.

License terms and conditions are detailed in the ProLiant Essentials EULA. In general, ProLiant Essentials software is licensed for use on a single hardware configuration, such as a server, adapter card, or slot in a blade server enclosure. After a license is used for a hardware configuration, it becomes locked to that hardware configuration and cannot be transferred. If you have a second hardware configuration you'd like to use the software on, you must purchase an additional license. For more information on licensing of ProLiant Essentials Value Packs, visit the HP Web site at http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/servers/proliantessentials/valuepack/licensing.html.

ProLiant Essentials Foundation Packs

The Foundation Pack contains the software you need to get your ProLiant server out of the box, set up, fully configured, loaded with your choice of OS, and managed within your IT infrastructure. Foundation Pack software, such as SmartStart and HP SIM, is included with the server licensed free for use.

License terms and conditions are detailed in the ProLiant EssentialsEULA. A ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack software component EULA is displayed during installation of the software Read the terms of the EULA when they appear for complete up-to-date details. For additional information on ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack licensing, visit the HP Web site at http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/SmartStart/license.html.

Software Support Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to the software support that is included with each product. Support terms and conditions for HP software are summarized in the EULA, and the complete Industry Standard Server Warranty statement with all the software support and warranty details is posted to the HP Web site.
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